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Hello Again

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do!

We still have many, many things to do before anyone can relax here.
More doors games to install and have register.

Check out the Trout Fishing Derby Info------------>

Making sure all the message networks are up and working. Being one of my network feeds is down! Adding more files that we have to file areas sharing with you and other sysops that log in.

Were getting ready to set some more games up.

After all that is done, then it will be time to start on the new web face design, that is a project that we are not looking forward to being so much time will go into the design and graphics. But when we are done we know your going to like it and no matter how much time it takes if people that come here enjoy the site well that is all that matters!

Let us repeat, if you know of something you would like here for your enjoyment and everyone else. Please let us know. We are here for the same reason as you to enjoy the few hours we have in a day to yourself and others that are members here.

One more note: tell us what IGMS you like and we will see if they can still be registered!



The weather forcast here today!
I'd like to thank Greg of After Hours BBS for his help and some of his older web pages, Stop by his BBS at or telnet He has some pretty neat Ansi fles.

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